Hipermiling – ways to save gas

Wednesday, July 23rd

The media has given a snazzy new name to some pretty old driving techniques, however they apply just as much today as when they were first thought of. Hypermiling is a set of rules and guidelines that will help you get the most fuel mileage out of your car. Take a look at the suggestions […]


Wednesday, July 23rd

ScanGuage is an amazing computer that will plug into your car’s ODB II connector (all cars built after 1996 have one) and will report on several different things, the most important of which is your fuel economy! You’ll be amazed when you stomp on the gas and notice that you are getting a whopping 2 […]

Bad driving habits

Thursday, July 17th

One of the easiest things you can do to increase your fuel mileage is to correct some bad driving habits. People often forget that while the type of car you drive is important, the way you drive it can have just as much impact. Here are some bad habits that cause people to lose fuel […]

Gas saving computer chips

Wednesday, July 16th

new computer chips can help more throughly mix  the fuel, and increase your mileage